My friend mike,  has gone a fantastic journey of late.
Shedding a lot of weight and gaining confidence,  I asked him what his secret was.


3 day contents of trail pack


Herbalife 3 day trial pack

Now I have heard quite a lot about this company,  not only through Mike but also from another friend Abi (former towie).
So I’ve really wanted to try out this range, coming up too summer we want to look/feel better, also with age, recently being my birthday.

So with the help of shakes and tablets,  I’m going to trial it,  and write my experiences with the range,  so it may help you decide whether to give it a go.

My trail pack contains
3 day pack

8 tablets Thermo complete food supplement.
One Two taken twice daily . Mid-morning then miss afternoon.

Then nutritional shake mix
3 vanilla
3 cookies and cream

1-2 shakes a day with one healthy meal daily.

Roughly 220 kcals in each shake.
High in protein from dairy and soy

The shakes are super easy to make up, mix 250 ml of semi skimmed milk.


y enjoyed the flavours, and felt” filledup” along with earing healthy it can make such a difference to your routine.

Looking through twitter/instagram you can see some incredible results, from the people whom are on the programme.

With great support too, mike talked me through, how it works and what to do, asked my goals and supported me while on the trail .
Fantastic for those who need that extra help and advice.