So i thought i would go off topic, a touch less fashion more feelings,  sorry to those whom excepting couture, but ill try to stay  Witty at least.

Now I’ve suffered with anxiety for a long time, I’ve always been able to manage it,  up until the end of last year, and the start of this,  even yesterday i had a full blown panic attack, from being in my hometown’s high street,  something that has happened twice last year,  before I’ve always felt safe and calm.

ive found when i Dress down,no make up Etc,  im still glared at,but I  Notice it More,  the “armour”( as i call It ) of Fashion Isnt There to give me Confidence, I  Guess Ill always be a person, People  look At /talk About,  not in a big headed Way,  more im 6ft2 Strong look, guy who Loves a Handbag,  i just seem to understand more if dressed up.

Take fashion week, its a few days away,and I’ve planned looks, but whether i wear is another story,  I’ve  missed a few events of late being to scared to go,and a had a panic in london at the end of last year.
Utterly horrible crying while in the street, not so chic,  i don’t like to show emotion, old British thing  i guess.

How do others cope? If you suffer I’d love to know.
I spoke with a friend whom ia very big on the scene and suffers badly, good and bad days im told,  which i fully agree.
I’ve never wanted too take tablets, i find you lose whom you are, or maybe that’s the point?!.
I’ve learnt a few tricks too help,when feeling stressed or anxious.
Candles,  the soft flicker and smell of some seem to help me centre,  my friend  Laura . sent me one which helped no end, i burnt it  daily till it ran out, heartwood candles  she’s a doll, definitely will pick up another.

I carry a roller ball from seascape, its a sleep oil (i have insomnia too) but the scent is incredibly relaxing, and feels nice in my hand to hold, rolling on my  wrists,when a little stressed  helps,  close my eyes  breath and try and focus.

Breathing silly, as we all do it, but it’s the way in which we do, that makes a difference,  trying to breath softly and slowly will help calm you down, when my heart races its a sign I’m starting to freak out.

This is more of a chat,  so im happy to take comments and if anyone has ideas, or how they deal with theirs.

And a way to say, forgive the lack of blog/vlog. I want to make  the quality rather than  to often and neither us would enjoy videos,  if I’m not in that head space.  
Thank you for spending time with me
Lew x

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