Now  this is just my experience,  not everyone wants too have this treatment, but I’m asked a LOT, 
.full plump lips, are a sign of youth,  and something i really like, on people and myself.

It’s been a while, so i currently have nothing in my lips, and missing it like utter crazy.

There are many places and fillers . Its so incredibly important that you do your homework, way before jumping in, it may wear off, but if it goes wrong, it  can cause  permanent damage.

I went to a very well known  local place,  the harpenden skin clinic,  is  a fantastic place,  janne’s experience is second to none, she does the most  natural  looking work,  you look rested rather than faux/ odd barbie

I felt nothing while having the injections in my  lips,  cream is applied before hand to numb the lips,but with jannes knowledge, she doesn’t  hurt you what so ever,  adding gently until the results are seen,  i have videos on my you tube channel, of having the lips filled, and you’ll be able to see,  I’m in no pain and actually laughing,  janne is so incredibly sweet and  funny, you cant help but be at ease.

I had a filler called  juverderm, which lasts a touch longer the standard,  this would be talked over with you,  by your  dr/ surgeon. A touch more  expensive but  as i said a longer lasting  effect


Picture from a open evening,  at the Harpenden skin Clinic,  Hertfordshire Based.  Bag pavoni



My before and after,  of the very first time, i had the lip fillers,  nautral and fuller,  but not faux or crazy,  it’s important to have them suit your face.


For a photo shoot.  Showing the false look to avoid
Please do check out my videos for details.  Also if you wish to contact janne, follow the skin  clinic on twitter

Lew X