With Lfw fast approaching and with lcm done, i wanted to write a few things,  about one of my favourite collection’s  a at men’s fashion week, in London.

Xander zhou

AW15 collection,  inspired by the title ” wild west ”
The designer said
” i hardly ever watch  westerns,  but i do have an image of cowboys in my mind ”

Xander likes to explore  the unknown,  which has excitement , getting to be creative .
The reason i enjoyed the fast past collection, was the excitement of the music and the trot of the models, with messy cool hair.
I loved the texture and design , the fun in exquisite pieces with bold twist,  such as fringing .
Colour or fur squares in the clothing , add quirky and modern effects,  autumn /winter box-shaped profiles,  sturdy /firm fabrications, in  the western tones of, Camel, blacks and deep Blues.

” it goes without saying that AW15 collection does not lack temperament. You can feel the adrenaline ”
So true,  my eyes were glued to the runway and each outfit, to break down each look, in its fast pace the male models with great strides,  thunder past in a whirl wind of pleasure.

The footwear key to the look, designed in house,  with  boots,  ranging in height,  from just above the ankle too up the calf, a cowboy boot a must with the inspiration. PLUS the Accessories lineof scarfs and , leather backpacks, one Eye sunglasses Adding to the quirky Appeal,  Designed by the very Cool Percy Lau.

fantastic fun