Ok So New Year , and every one has their sales on. But do you need the 9th white vest or Fugly looking shoes, just because there a pound  Err NO
Step away from the tut

Ok so not everyone has  a Chanel budget, I’m not saying  don’t buy in the sales,  because like most i Do too.
I’m  saying  buy what you need, buy classic Not trend lead, as let’s be honest,  its in the sale as it’s  last season.
If your  clever you can  get some really  fabulous things at a good price. I was obsessed with a Victoria Beckham shirt, but quite a chunk  full price,  simple white but utter perfection in the cut. Item went into the  Sales, snapped it up and its now a forever piece.
I can bring it out over and over,  styled differently and now one will be like
” oh he’s wearing  that AGAIN”
Unlike if you buy  a one season slogan tee or print  that dates to quickly .
I talk about  being classic a lot in articles and videos.
But it really does pay off , chic is  just  always  perfect.
So we all want to be in fashion  and look current,  so how to buy into the new looks
What trends are in

Remember not all trends suit everyone,  don’t worry  be the best  you x.

It’s  back in a big way,