Pun fully intended. Give it a glow/go.
Now we’re into a new year and, well let’s say we’ve all taken a battering, be it booze,late nights  or indeed the Great British weather or for overseas readers , cold,bitter winds.

So how  do we go about,  making  ourselves look,  polished  and the inner Jlo glow?  To coin a phrase.

Well i have  a few beauty tricks up my tailored sleeve, to help with such a common problem.  A mix of  items most  at a healthy price point,  well let’s be fair, we’ve all spent a small countries income on gifts  over the  festive  season,  so  to treat ourselves without quilt  is  perfect. So on my youtube channel i did a demo Using  The  products, So  do feel free to have a WATCH
Lewis -duncan weedon

For  those whom like a read and the science bit  , here  we go.

The best thing is Not to over load the skin, as it can then look caked and flaky,  which isn’t a desired  look. Many  face washes have a “wake me up” effect such  as “clean &clear’s” morning energy,  shine control  daily wash.
It contains lemongrass and  fruit extract , to awaken the skin,  leaving  it clear.

Now to hydrate,  this really is Key during the winter,  and we tend to need more effective ingredients, 
Pixi  Glow tonic
Is not Only a Cult Product but the main  reason,  i thought to write this article.
It gently exfoliates the skin, leaving a nautral glow, after  getting the dead skin cells off. It soothes and nourishes the skin with botanical extracts, and is alcohol free. So No drying  aspect   EERR hello  miracle toner.
I’ve actually used a few of the Pixi beauty range,within this article /my routine. Their  primer has  a sutble gold/pearl  glow  to the  skin , which reminds me of a Becca skin  perfector, which i use a LOT in pearl,  more of the  higher end but both  are fab.  i mix Either or in This Case, the pixi Into
My  new obsession  the Pixi H2O skintint, i use shade 1 cream  (as reference ). This  super hydrating tinted cream, gives  perfect coverage, without  being cakey or “made up”, great on guys as doesn’t show on  the skin, your left  nourished  and healthy  the mix of  the two products is key.

Now I  did mention moisturising, so  back to this step, in winter im a big  fab of creme da la mer,  but lets be honest; its out of most  budgets,  so my favourite  gel moisturiser is
For  dull skin, the texture soaks beautifully into  my skin,  helping soften and relieve and discomfort from  dryness, super affordable and really great.
Ok so make up tips, to fake  perfect skin. Now don’t go to crazy with  a highlighter, or you will have Moon face and honey  that aint cute.
My current  fav sutble highlighter, is a new product, from  the recent launch of Rodial , make up /contour range.  I’m in shade 1.
Dust this powder, gently under the brow bone, the water/tearduc,  across the  top of your cheek bones and down the centre of the nose if  needed,  leaves a gentle glow and awake look to the eyes , which is a must,  if eyes  look dull. Try a eyebrow, that helps  beong sparkle /whitening to the eye.such as the boots one.
Also i recommend  the makeup revolution highlighter  for a more budget friendly idea.

Now  your a glowing with  glamour and life,  hydrate from within  , water kids  its super  important and let’s be honest,  we never really drink enough. Im a coffee fend and to everyone coffee you  need 3glasses of water  to balance out. Ouch :/

There are gels you can  add to water  to help. Such  as skinade. They  are designed to help  add collagen or extra  vitamins to your organs.  Doing you  good, more  long  term for results but great non  the less.
Blusher,  its very important , adding  colour  to the skin brings life, power blushes can skin to dead/dry skin. So i always  recommend a cream blusher. Im in love with  ” sleek”‘s
A 3 blush palette offering  colours  such as
Newport peach (my fav)
The surf (softest )
Cab be mixed or alone,  give  great colour and life, super bendable and easy. I’m a big fan of sleek and have used on  many celeb clients .

Thank you for  joining me. And good luck. I leave you with some links and piccies
Much  love,happy new year  lew xx


Sleek blush


A picture  from my instagram @ldweedon. Of the  pieces  i used in the youtube video
I used Real techniques Brushes in the video
@rodial / @mediahubb fpr press contacts
Most items  available in supermarket,  superdrug has some great offers as does  boots .