OK so I’m some what of a huge fan of British brands, be it fashion, tech or beauty. I believe its very exciting to have amazing home grown talents. I. Wear/use as many Brit brands as possible. One of my genuine favourite’s that’s used daily is “Katherine daniels”


So I was very kindly invited along toototal looks” based in Harpenden (my home) this spa and shop on the high street , offers a amazing aray of products and services, many being British including Lava Shells , the treatment has a huge celebrity following, including my very good friend Lydia Lucy (former x factor, singer).

Total looks also stock the full range of Katherine Daniels, as well as providing treatments. So I popped down for a facial, which was done by a fabulous therapist from the KD team

Roughly 30mins I was treated to exfoliation, a mask, a headmassage , which was incredible. Speaking me through the range as it was used, I found a great touch, or you could choice to just snuggle up to the total looks hot water bottle, which was so welcome with this weather.

So the science bit, to coin a well-known phraseA British salon brand using fantastic quality iingredients. Free from parabens, mineral oils and is Not tested on animals.which is greatHaving ranges in, sensitive, dry skins. The packaging is chic and simple,which there for has a fantastic unisex look, i love this range. I have a you tube video on thr treatment and you’ll see many of the range ,used in other videos
Lewis-duncan weedon
Thank you too the total looks team and KD , for a well needed treatmemt xx
Or too book bookings@totallooks.co.uk