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1984 the birth of something  every  fashionista wants to get their perfectly manicured mitts on

French actress  and uber chic  icon Jane Birkin, was totting a straw  bag around town, when true  genius  Jean-louis Dumas, came up with  the idea of a Chic tote for Jane  to carry. So born was the name sake Birkin, the world to be forever  changed ( for good may i add).

Forward  many years  and its not  only  still going  ,uts a truly  desired  bag with  cult status,  in many rare/ exotic  skins and a aray of colours  and in several  sizes, this is not  a bag  its a BIRKIN. Toted by many celebrity icons ,  including  fashion  royalty Victoria  Beckham, whom is well stocked  on  this tote, reportedly  having the largest collection. Known to have rare skins  such as my personal  favourite  , a burgundy  crocodile,  utter perfection,  a white  Croc  in crusted with  diamonds  on  its hardware,  Tor is not messing  around. Even  many Male celebs tote the HAC the big sister  or  some with  the 40cm Birkin,  marc jacobs seen often proudly  with  his.

Now with  a price tag that  may put some people  at bay. This stunning forever  piece  is hand made.and is said to be traceable to the actual  person  whom made her,due to their  work. Which  in  my eyes makes it even more special.

Many cool and edgy artist have painted  on  to  the leathers  of these  totes. Known Kim K has a Hac adorned  with  nude ladies,(hand painted by artist George Condo)  Lady Gaga has a studded  one. now i find it interesting to look at, but the phrase “guilding a lilly ” comes to mind, these bags are perfectly amazing as they are without the adnornment.
Hermes a brand with such elegance but mass appeal, as most aspire to own or be filled with a life of H and it’s Birkin’s and Kelly ‘s yet another flawless creation, named after grace Kelly, one of my all time style icons .
Forever to be on the top of many wishlists, this is a true icon , in its own right, with the most incredible history and no doubt future.
Inclosed some images of celebs and someome you may know

Xoxo ldw



Tan Birkin. With  best  friend su-elise nash  former  misteeq star

Tan Birkin. With best friend su-elise nash former misteeq star

Jane birkin the incredible  actress  whom the Birkin  was named after and made for

Jane birkin the incredible actress whom the Birkin was named after and made for



Now with men’s  grooming becoming so hugely popular  (and about time ) i thought, i would give my tips and talk about some of my favourites men’s range’s /products .

I uploaded a video to, YouTube on  this  subject too, we all have certain routines in skincare, so it could be adding extra  or use for when needing a pamper.

Picture from the you tube men's grooming  video

Picture from the you tube men’s grooming video


I’m  a huge fan of the Nip and Man range, I’ve spoken and used  the  range in videos  before. It has a full  range  of skin washes to creams  to  the amazing sports line, which  used along side your gym  routine, will  help tone  up  the texture  of  your  skin, one for Abs,pecs and  byceps. Packed full of goodness it really helps the skin. @nipandman http://www.nipandman.com @mediahubb for press details

A huge range and fantastic brand
they have loreal Men expert
a fab range with many products for the skin.
but I’m hugely into the antiperspirant,very long lasting and keeps you dry,some guy’s can be sweaty monkey’s. There are many scents in the line,the two im a fan of are.
if sporty
New Thermic resist (orange can)
Its effective at 45c, so you can workout /be active and not need to worry.
Also i love the smell of cool ice, softer smell with 48hour protection. Available at most supermarkets/drugstores.

taming the beard/stubble
Now facial furniture is hugely popular, with many male style icons growing it in. We need to keep it in check ,using a beard pomade or wax is a great way to add shine and keep the whiskers neat, ive been using a range on my stubble (now heading to a blown beard) VARISTY beard , a awesome UK brand, with great ingredients and quality, keeps the hairs soft and adds condition,in my eyes pretty great. @varsitybeard

Now a Step Not All Men will Want to take but Useful Over The Festive Time or Special Events
A little MATTE make up can make all the difference to looking fresh not tired.
The trick is to match your skintone and use matte products such as a concealer ,appealy softly ,you can build up ,much harder to remove if you slap it on, if you dont want to visit a makeup counter, many supermarkets have ranges. I’m quite a fan of the “rimmel” “wake me up” concealer,as it says adds a touch of light, giving you the fresh awake look,many shades and super cheap.
Don’t go to crazy,on my YouTube channel
Lewis-duncan weedon
I have a few videos showing how to use the products and alpha m (a fabulous youtuber has some great ones too)
Try and keep natural clear brow gels are great to tidy up messy eyebrows and for special events a flick through your lashes opens the eye, no colour so undetectable, ive used this trick on many clients.
Avoid any products with glitter or shimmer.

OK so I’m some what of a huge fan of British brands, be it fashion, tech or beauty. I believe its very exciting to have amazing home grown talents. I. Wear/use as many Brit brands as possible. One of my genuine favourite’s that’s used daily is “Katherine daniels”


So I was very kindly invited along toototal looks” based in Harpenden (my home) this spa and shop on the high street , offers a amazing aray of products and services, many being British including Lava Shells , the treatment has a huge celebrity following, including my very good friend Lydia Lucy (former x factor, singer).

Total looks also stock the full range of Katherine Daniels, as well as providing treatments. So I popped down for a facial, which was done by a fabulous therapist from the KD team

Roughly 30mins I was treated to exfoliation, a mask, a headmassage , which was incredible. Speaking me through the range as it was used, I found a great touch, or you could choice to just snuggle up to the total looks hot water bottle, which was so welcome with this weather.

So the science bit, to coin a well-known phraseA British salon brand using fantastic quality iingredients. Free from parabens, mineral oils and is Not tested on animals.which is greatHaving ranges in, sensitive, dry skins. The packaging is chic and simple,which there for has a fantastic unisex look, i love this range. I have a you tube video on thr treatment and you’ll see many of the range ,used in other videos
Lewis-duncan weedon
Thank you too the total looks team and KD , for a well needed treatmemt xx
Or too book bookings@totallooks.co.uk