I’m a Huge fan of jewellery, okay wait that’s a total understatement, you could say I’m some what full heartily obsessed. Clearly a Magpie in a previous life, or just the Jewish thing.

So when recently I was introduced too a new range(too me) Dower & Hall, I couldn’t resist to have a potter. Now not only is this a fantastic range, with great heritage, it has a deeper message too me.

those whom know me, will know I’m a Ambassador for The Prince’s Trust. So I have a huge place in my heart for what the trust does and those who have been through a course provided by the charity.
A course called Explore Enterprise was one of the first to be set up from the trust.
This course Helps young people to set up their own business’s not only with financial support but also in the pysyical of a business mentor.

Dan Dower and Diane Hall, did indeed go into a Prince’s Trust Explore Enterprise and set up their fashion forward brand. In 1990, showing us not only have they been creating beautiful jewellery since then , but showing with the hard work and help of a Fantastic charity anything is possible.

Explore Enterprise course run frequently and are available to those aged 18-30
For all info on EE and other course The Prince’s trust provides visit.
with many offices all over the UK.

so back to this gorgeous jewellery range.
They have many categories to the brand, including friendship bracelets to stunning Engagement Rings and cutting edge techniques to show elegant designs.

“the timeless classic is thrust into the limelight this season”

“Introducing our contemporary precious collection, featuring the luxury of diamonds with the affordability of 9ct Gold”

My favourite line is, Fireworks, a great colourful palette of ” sumptuous precious gemstones”, including one of my personal favourites Sapphires stunning tone and elegant.
” Fireworks captures a sense of motion and grace, harmonising radiant coloured gemstones and delicate detailing”

Providing a fresh but incredibly Chic take to jewellery. Tactical and fluid , I find myself touching the range. As i’m sure many will.

ALL of these amazing designs are crafted in a London studio. I’m such a fan of a Great British Brand. I’m also incredibly greatful for my beautiful gift on the day of the press event, as I don’t have my ears pierced (on the day gifting earrings), I was kindly gifted the most fabulous friendship style bracelet in black cord. With a silver feather, so simple and elegant but , you can see all the work that’s gone into the piece. The fine detail on the feather is impeccable.

This is along side the Feather Line. Which has two stunning necklaces and a wrapped feather ring. Fully in love , as feathers have sentimental meaning too myself.

@dowerandhall for twitter

I provide some images of the day, bracelet and site

warm regards
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