Screenshot_2014-11-15-23-34-17 so I thought I would try doing a Blog to go along side my youtube channel
lewis-Duncan weedon. I read so many charming and thought provoking blogs and wondered, if setting up my own would give me a voice. To talk my thoughts on the new trends, make up techniques and my thoughts in general. They say talking helps. So perhaps having a place to write down ,what’s spinning around my mind. May help .
so here we are ldwblondeatheart

my aim with this new venture is to write my thoughts of the items/products I get to see/use and give a good review. And hopefully make one person smile and inspire someone too try. , something new or feel the energy too be who they want too be.
I may not be the best writer nor speller. But I give my heart which is all I can.if you join me on this journey I thank you and welcome suggestions.

ill add pics of things I adore. Some inspirational quotes , from those who know best
Audrey Hepburn for one. My true style icon not only flawlessy chic but truly had such a wonderful heart .

so thank you to those who read and spend time with me
warm regards ldw xx