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I’m a Huge fan of jewellery, okay wait that’s a total understatement, you could say I’m some what full heartily obsessed. Clearly a Magpie in a previous life, or just the Jewish thing.

So when recently I was introduced too a new range(too me) Dower & Hall, I couldn’t resist to have a potter. Now not only is this a fantastic range, with great heritage, it has a deeper message too me.

those whom know me, will know I’m a Ambassador for The Prince’s Trust. So I have a huge place in my heart for what the trust does and those who have been through a course provided by the charity.
A course called Explore Enterprise was one of the first to be set up from the trust.
This course Helps young people to set up their own business’s not only with financial support but also in the pysyical of a business mentor.

Dan Dower and Diane Hall, did indeed go into a Prince’s Trust Explore Enterprise and set up their fashion forward brand. In 1990, showing us not only have they been creating beautiful jewellery since then , but showing with the hard work and help of a Fantastic charity anything is possible.

Explore Enterprise course run frequently and are available to those aged 18-30
For all info on EE and other course The Prince’s trust provides visit.
with many offices all over the UK.

so back to this gorgeous jewellery range.
They have many categories to the brand, including friendship bracelets to stunning Engagement Rings and cutting edge techniques to show elegant designs.

“the timeless classic is thrust into the limelight this season”

“Introducing our contemporary precious collection, featuring the luxury of diamonds with the affordability of 9ct Gold”

My favourite line is, Fireworks, a great colourful palette of ” sumptuous precious gemstones”, including one of my personal favourites Sapphires stunning tone and elegant.
” Fireworks captures a sense of motion and grace, harmonising radiant coloured gemstones and delicate detailing”

Providing a fresh but incredibly Chic take to jewellery. Tactical and fluid , I find myself touching the range. As i’m sure many will.

ALL of these amazing designs are crafted in a London studio. I’m such a fan of a Great British Brand. I’m also incredibly greatful for my beautiful gift on the day of the press event, as I don’t have my ears pierced (on the day gifting earrings), I was kindly gifted the most fabulous friendship style bracelet in black cord. With a silver feather, so simple and elegant but , you can see all the work that’s gone into the piece. The fine detail on the feather is impeccable.

This is along side the Feather Line. Which has two stunning necklaces and a wrapped feather ring. Fully in love , as feathers have sentimental meaning too myself.

@dowerandhall for twitter

I provide some images of the day, bracelet and site

warm regards
ldw xxmyself at DandH20141104_16293620141104_162913Screenshot_2014-11-21-16-00-33


icon bedding
now we all have our fashion icons or those who we look up too. I do have modern day people, I find incredibly chic and love too see how they dress, but my main icons have always been from the past. There is something about the old Hollywood icons, that protected such stardom and effortless style. Now we all have different budgets and most live without a glam team,to help us get ready, but what I find so charming about these past icons is, their look isn’t to difficult to emulate and is always chic. We all know fashion comes and goes and we like to dip into trends but if you have a classic palette that you can add your “must season”items too you keep looming fresh and polished.
I hope my style embodies this. Over the last year, I have undergone a make under if you will. Less “snog marry avoid” and more just with age. We tone down. Once a fan of false lashes platinum blonde hair and red lips I’ve gone in favour of newly brunette locks(later too add some blonde back) and the facial hair. Turning from stubble to a beard. Which seems to have gone down well. I did always say at 30 I would tone my look. Leaving fun and love of avant and couture but still harking to my love of old school chic. This new look a touch more masculine. So I came to think whom I could hark back too to inspire this transformation. My icons have always been Audrey Hepburn (breakfast at tiffany my all time favourite film and a must when anxiety is bad or having the mean reds) grace Kelly ( so chic Hermes named a bag after her) so Male counter parts i’ve always loved the Rat pack. I think my grandad had a influence there. So the style of the time, was incredibly tailored and glamorous. There is something about a great suit and polo neck ot a classic DJ (dinner jacket/tux) .

Now we all have comfort blankets in our wardrobes . Those days were you don’t feel good , I have several of those. Having suffered from a eating disorder , i’m still quite conscious of my appearance. Which the old look would hide by lashes and hair etc. To those going through this difficult time. I can’t tell you to stop but I do wish you the strength to deal with this. If anyone would like, I would happily write about my experience with a ED .
back to the fashion part. The reason you joined me for. The new style has started to take place , now looking to find that comfort zone and project the new approach.

My love has always been in textures of fabrics. Certain feels remind of a loved one or times of the year.
I find soft waterfull type scarfs always look great and add a touch of personalitu to your outfit, also giving you a barrier to hide lumps and bumps. Well I do any way. My go too on a bad day. Also that snuggle aspect now its chilly is great. Scented with your favourite perfume or relaxing oil, gives that cosy element.

Im a big fan of the oversized look. Not baggy as that’s unflattering and can make you feel worse but the loose tailoring of Stella Mccartney for instance is a great way to cover the parts you don’t like, while maintaining a well put together look.now I know not on everyone’s budget. But the joys of our incredible British high street, you can get the look else where. Many stores have channelled the look of Stella and of course my current day Icon Victoria Beckham. Her utterly flawless collections have filtered to many shops now. Fashion should show your personality and make you feel great. No one should tell you how to dress. I merely just write my personal thoughts on the subject , but I may add , the reason miss Hebburn, grace Kelly, Jackie O ‘s looks haven’t dated, is they choice well edited , classic looks with a twist of fun. People should remember the person not the outfit detracting from that.

As future posts come , I hope to show how to put looks together and show my personality in fashion on good and bad days. After all we are all human , we make mistakes , we love fully hearted , we crave to be loved back. I aim to inspire people to lay themselves bare and open up, to help others . I leave you with a few quotes that help me on bad day.
Warm regards
may your day be filled with glamour,warmth and love.IMG_20141115_205345Audrey

Screenshot_2014-11-15-23-34-17 so I thought I would try doing a Blog to go along side my youtube channel
lewis-Duncan weedon. I read so many charming and thought provoking blogs and wondered, if setting up my own would give me a voice. To talk my thoughts on the new trends, make up techniques and my thoughts in general. They say talking helps. So perhaps having a place to write down ,what’s spinning around my mind. May help .
so here we are ldwblondeatheart

my aim with this new venture is to write my thoughts of the items/products I get to see/use and give a good review. And hopefully make one person smile and inspire someone too try. , something new or feel the energy too be who they want too be.
I may not be the best writer nor speller. But I give my heart which is all I can.if you join me on this journey I thank you and welcome suggestions.

ill add pics of things I adore. Some inspirational quotes , from those who know best
Audrey Hepburn for one. My true style icon not only flawlessy chic but truly had such a wonderful heart .

so thank you to those who read and spend time with me
warm regards ldw xx